Changeling (2011)

In 2011 Faerydae recorded their first album. The project took several months, from picking the tunes and recording them, to finding someone to do their artwork, the band did most of the work themselves.
The name Changeling came from a tune, but this tune actually never made it to the album. A changeling is a fairy who got swapped in change for a human baby, stolen by the fairies. The band thought it a nice name, because of two reasons: firstly ‘Faerydae’ actually means ‘gift of the faeries’, secondly the band likes to make their or version of traditional tunes, by which they switch out the traditional for something more their own style.
The album also features Oz on whistles and bodhran. Oz later became a permanent member of the band (until 2015).
There is also some bodhran played by Ton, a member of the band ‘Dutch Lemmings’.

You can find the album on bandcamp:

Album info
Thanks to:
Erik Ask-Upmark & Anna Ryneforse, the Dutch Lemmings, Charlotte Peterson, Vogelfrey (Norbert Erben & Frank Wunderlich), Henri Doeleman,
Eerin Vink, Sigrid Dittrich, Strommmm & Yoeri Castricum, Ton Hoogstraten, Rusmir Oz Hadziarapovic, Laura Thijssen, Ron Schoonwater  & Mariëlle Van Dongen, Gijs Thoben, kasteel Doornenburg, Fantasiafest de Lindenhorst, Prosad, Shoesize 50
All our fans, family and friends, thanks for your support!

Faerydae is:
Anouk Platenkamp: celtic & pedal harp
Jerina Welgraven: clarinet, low- & tin-whistle, recorders, saxonet
Patrick Lieffers: cajon, darbouka, didgeridoo, djembe, medieval drum
Rusmir Oz Hadziarapovic: bodhran, frame-drum, low-whistle, tin-whistle (track 2, 3, 5, 8 & 13)
Ton Hoogstraten: bodhran (track 9 & 12)

Artwork: Eerin Vink
Design:Patrick den Drijver www.
Recorded at: Big Mouth Studio
Engineering & Mixing: Jeroen van de Putte
Mastering: Jarno  Volman