Patrick Lieffers

It was a cassette tape with Yugoslavian music that Patricks remembers as one of his firsts interests in folk music around the age of 11. At the time he was playing snare drum in the local drum band, so the odd rhythms sparked his interest and he listened to the tape many times over. He still enjoys playing odd rhythms to this day.
His didge came later. After he saw Tjapukai Dance Theatre in Australia (1988) and later Yothu Yindi in the Hague, he went searching for a didgeridoo and took workshops to learn the art from the best players of the time.
He likes to listen many styles of music, from jazz, classical to metal and folk. Among his favourite folk artists are: Garmana, Folque, Muzsikás, Wargaren, Outback, Ali Farka Toure.
He finds inspiration in the music of didgeridoo players like Alan Dargin, Mark Atkins, Charlie MacMahon and David Blanasi.